Electric motors have been used since the 19th century according to IEC standard, which stands for International European Internal Committee and is a clear indication that all engine manufacturers build the same size, shaft, foot size and center height is all the same. Hoewever terminal boxes and lengths can still deviate! The IEC sizes comes from the center height, when the engine on their feet to the heart of the center is the IEC frame size, a type IEC 90 has a center height of 90 mm, in addition, this standard has an shaft diameter of 24 mm!

Why does my electricmotor not run ? A frequently asked question, At single phase engines this is usually a faulty capacitor or centrifugal switch the relay or does not, of course, the winding can not connect, or even burned his. At 3 phase engines this could be  a defective fuse with an electric start on two phases, or the winding may be defect. Call us for more advice!