Honing Beheer

Download here our brochure from the whole group ! The policy is focused on the synergy and the quality of services and products continue to increase, with prices at a competitive level. The development and marketing of new products that are desired by our customers is an integral part of this policy. Thermobile For more than 40 years mobile and stationary hot air heaters which virtually every space optimally verwarmen.Thermobile distinguishes itself with its heaters through innovation, mobility, ease of use, solid build, good availability of spare parts and friendly worldwide service. Thermo Air Specializes over 50 years in designing, producing and selling luchtbehandelingapparaten.Op in air heating, ventilation and heat recovery, or they supply both standard products and innovative customer solutions. In short Thermo Air is your partner for achieving a healthy climate for industry, utilities and housing. IMOFA UK Established in 1993, is part of the UK IMOFA Honey International Management Group, a leading European manufacturer of quality heating and ventilation products for over 40 years. Designing and manufacturing in the UK, the company offers solutions for new, retrofit and renovation systems in commercial and public buildings and its wide range of energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation products is supported by an extensive technical expertise. Working closely with designers, installers and end users, the UK IMOFA experienced technical team provides comprehensive support for every phase of the process – from project design to final commissioning and operation. Danpak International Ltd., founded in 1909 produces a wide range of aluminum products for single use. Of films and capsules to a variety of trays, bowls, caisses and other packaging. With an automated process delivers Danpak from stock so fast and flexible response and therefore can be provided. In short, quality, good service, flexibility and speed are high priority for them.

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